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Each leather mask made by Tiger is hand-molded vegetable tanned leather; dyed, sealed, painted, and finished with a final clear coat. Acrylic paints and sealers are used.

Tiger makes both patterned pieces, meaning a repeatable pattern she has designed; and unpatterned pieces, meaning completely free form and flowing out of the shape of the leather itself. The patterned masks are still unique from piece to piece, depending on the leather, finish, and exact details. Most patterned pieces
can be customized.

The masks are signed and dated with the year on the inside of the mask by Tiger. There are also the numbered series of Jnani & Prachika masks.

The masks, unless noted or ordered otherwise, are held on by black corded elastic. The elastic knots on the front of each are finished to match the mask, and blend in nicely.

The elastics are guaranteed. If they should become brittle, stretched, or unattached, Tiger will replace them, and paint the new elastic to match the mask. Other repairs on your mask, should the finish become damaged, can be handled on a case by case basis.

The masks are rather enduring, and somewhat malleable; they can be slightly altered to improve fit. The more they are worn, the more comfortable they become.

Tiger CAN work under and over GLASSES. Never say again that you can’t wear masks because of your glasses. Many of the pre-made masks can be fitted for wearing glasses over them.

Though the masks are generally one "size" fits all, custom fittings ensure a comfortable fit, as well as a feeling of participation in the final product. Custom fitting must be done in person, and takes anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on the details of the mask.

Care: Display or store your mask in a dry place; excess moisture could be harmful. Mask hangers are available in silver and brass, at $2 each, for display of your mask on the wall. We highly recommend that you hang your mask with a hanger, and not by its elastics.

Cleaning: Carefully wipe your piece with a slightly damp cloth and let air dry completely. You can also use a soft bristle brush to brush away dust in the nooks and crannies if needed!

Gift Certificates:
Gift Certificates are available in any amount over $10. Payment for Gift Certificates is like any other order. Gift Certificates will Expire in ONE YEAR. They are numbered, individually signed by Tiger, and can be mailed via USPS to you or your recipient.

To Order a Gift Certificate, Tiger will need the following information: Amount it is to be made out in, who it is to be made out for, address to send it to & payment information.

All orders MUST be placed by e-mailing Tiger first. As much as she loves to receive money, you should make sure you can order the item before you send payment!

To place an order, please e-mail Tiger with the name of the piece(s) you are interested in. If the piece is in stock, it can ship quickly. If not, one can usually be made to order.

Payment & Shipping:
At the MD Renaissance Faire, and other conventions and shows, we will accept Cash and Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

For online orders, Tiger can send you a PayPal invoice. You can pay with your credit card or bank account securely with PayPal.

All payments must clear before shipping will occur. Orders ship out using USPS, First Class or Priority. Insurance and/or other means of shipping can be arranged.
Tiger uses recycled materials for shipping, like shredded paper and recycled boxes, whenever possible.

Artist's Statement : I *am* Tiger Torre Art.  I am the mask maker, web designer, PR department,
shipping manager, and proprietor. With the exception of good friends who help me at conventions and faires, I'm the sales lady.
I am the only person reading the e-mails, taking, filling, and shipping orders. While I have awesome apprentices who help with
cutting and carving leather, I am the one who molds the masks, paints and hand finishes every single piece that bears my name.
I finally started to get some help with the back end website stuff after 17 years of doing it myself, because there's only so much I can do!
I don't have backers or rich patrons. I have no advertising budget.  With this in mind, I thank you for your business.
I thank you for treating me with respect and paying me in a timely fashion. And most of all, I thank you in advance
for telling people about Tiger Torre Art. Word of mouth promotion from happy customers is my best asset.
The more sales I have, the further away from being a starving artist I am. 

If you would like to help out without a purchase,
you can make a donation through PayPal using the button below.

For more information or for any query, please e-mail:

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